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It Started With a Bike Trip

Sometime during the spring of 2020, I found my old leather journal that chronicled my family’s bicycle trip across the United States. I laughed my way through the dusty pages as forgotten memories came tumbling back to life. For 3,600 miles, we pedaled through mountains and prairies, busy cities and quaint villages, storms and heat. There was the time we sat in a laundromat, playing cards in our bathing suits so we could wash every scrap of clothing we carried. And then there was the time I had a full-blown melt down in front of a Catholic priest named Father Fisch because I didn’t think I could bike one. more. mile. As I reread stories from long-ago, I envisioned myself sharing these adventures in the form of a picture book.

While this particular project is on hold for now, it uncovered a joy and passion of writing for children. In the span of a year, I read over 1,200 picture books. I attended classes, webinars, and conferences. And I began writing for children’s magazines and working on new book ideas. In a gesture I imagine as a divine high-five, I was invited to sign a contract with an incredible agent. This agent is now passing a different book into the hands of publishing houses, and I’m doing my very best to wait patiently for a response.

I hope to update soon with smashing good news. Until then, welcome—I’m glad you’re joining me on this journey.

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