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New Picture Book Contract

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

On a messy desk, next to a pile of my children’s match-less socks, I signed my first book contract!

This children’s picture book is a sweet story of redemption, hope, and God’s sovereignty in the midst of difficult circumstances. I had previously written a couple board book manuscripts—specifically for children who have been adopted—and while these books are still out on submission, I wanted to write to another audience close to my heart—children in foster care. But how do you write about foster care? I tried a couple different angles, but they failed miserably.

Then, I thought about each individual child, who—for a time, became part of our family through fostering. I thought about our little girl who had been abused, who loved having her hair brushed and braided. Our little guy with a seizure disorder and feeding tube, who could spend all day riding the tractor with my husband. Our teenager who was fleeing gang violence, who was such a good mama to her toddler. Our other teenager who was described to us as defiant and disrespect, but who cooked us fried chicken and read bedtime stories to our other kids. The baby we picked up from the NICU after brain surgery whose cheeks crumpled against his neck brace when he smiled. And so many more.

I asked myself, what do I want to say to them? If I could tuck words between the covers of a book for them to keep forever, what would those words be? And with those children in mind, this picture book manuscript fell through my fingers onto the keyboard.

While this was the audience I held in my heart, foster care does not appear specifically on the pages. This book is for any child who has faced something tough: the death of a loved one, the separation of parents, bullying, moving, illness—the list is indefinite.

I wrote this book and fell in love with it, but would others love it too? I sat on it for several months, revising it here and there. Then, with a cringe, I sent it off to my agent. And, with a sigh of relief, I received an email back that she thought it was great.

My agent sent it to three publishing houses, who all responded with initial interest. And with lightning speed, we received an excellent offer, negotiated an agreement, and signed a contract. This book, whose title is yet to be finalized, will be a proud B&H Kids book, hitting shelves spring of 2024.

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