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School Visits

I adore visiting elementary classrooms. Kids are my very favorite people to talk with. This year I’ve popped into a few classes of first, second, and third graders. We chat about what we like to read, talk about different genres, discuss the writing and publishing process, and I share several of my own published pieces. Last week the kids and I even made and flew paper airplanes in honor of one of the poems we read. At the end, I pass out magazines and everyone spends some time reading. I love seeing students hunker down over a page of words. I love how some students move their lips quietly or follow along with their finger. And I love how excited they are to share what they’ve learned when I stop at their desks. There is wonderful variety within children’s magazines—jokes, non-fiction, poems, puzzles, crafts, recipes—and it’s fun to be the one to put a magazine into eager little hands.

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