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Kate is the author of two children's books releasing in 2024

Sometimes, hard things happen. But God can take hard things—and make them beautiful. Using simple language and imagery, this lyrical picture book presents layers of Biblical truth that take the reader on a gentle journey of God’s promises—inspiring hope and faith in His good and redemptive plan.


Publisher: B&H Kids, 2024

Illustrator: Jennie Poh

ISBN-13: 9781087787664

Format: 32 page picture book

When God Makes 
Scribbles Beautiful

The Inspiration

"As a foster parent, I've seen a lot of brokenness. But I've also seen healing, growth, and joy. One day, I sat down and wrote out all the things I want my foster children to know--and it became this book." 


Free Printouts

Are you looking for helpful ways to talk with kids about loss and hardship? Find conversation starters on this Parent Connection printout.


Are you looking for a new scripture based resource? Help kids tuck truth inside their hearts with a set of printable Promise Cards.


“This is a powerful book of comfort and wisdom for little people who are experiencing hard times. The truth of God’s Word and the power of prayer come to life with Jennie’s masterful illustrations! I highly recommend this book!”

         —Fern Nichols, Founder of Moms in Prayer International

“They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in this case, you absolutely should. In an economy of well-chosen words, author Kate Rietema reassures the reader of God's constant presence and care even when the 'scribbles' in life are hard to erase. Jennie Poh's evocative, gentle illustrations perfectly complement this thoughtful text. When God Makes Scribbles Beautiful is indeed, beautiful.” 

         —Glenys Nellist, author of the Love Letters from God series.

"Helping kids see that hard things in our lives don't mean God is absent is one of our greatest gifts to them, and this book does just that!"

         –Jamie Ivey, speaker, and host of The Happy Hour podcast

Available for Purchase

When God Makes Scribbles Beautiful is available from your local bookstore or from these retailers:


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Coming October 2024!

All the Babies: A First Book About Adoption


All the Babies: A First Book About Adoption is a board book that celebrates adoption and how God makes every baby special. Readers will meet eleven babies who highlight aspects of being adopted that might make a child feel different from their siblings or peers. All the Babies uses fun language and simple sentences while laying a foundation for future conversations about adoption, diversity, and belonging. 

God made all babies different and special, and He made families different and special too!

A Peek Inside! Click Image for Video

(Click here for volume)

Preorder Available

All the Babies: A First Book About Adoption is available for preorder from your local bookstore or from these retailers:

Product Details

Publisher: B&H Kids, 2024

Illustrator: Judi Abbot

ISBN-13: 9781430095408

Format: 18 page board book 

Age Range: 0-5 years


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