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Kate Rietema and her husband live in West Michigan where they run TriPonds Family Camp Resort. They have five forever-children through birth and adoption, and have cared for many more in their eleven years as licensed foster parents.


Kate’s heart, home, and van are often bursting at the seams as her family welcomes children with messy stories from the ages of newborn through 18. Although Kate often feels surrounded by brokenness, she has become a self-proclaimed expert at noticing the goodness of God. It is her passion to share God’s goodness with others through her words and actions.


As well as being a busy mom, Kate is a registered nurse, community educator, speaker, and writer. She is agented by Karen Neumair at Credo Communications. Her favorite current project is a children’s board book about adoption. Kate’s purpose in writing is to help children feel their value.

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